For presenting an initiative that encourages greater ongoing social and/or academic interaction between local and international students at Monash University.


Multiculturalism backgrounds in all Australia University where a majority of both international and domestic students face culture issues in their uni life.

Despite the benefits of engagement between domestic and international students, many students report that they engage very little with students from other backgrounds.


Our proposal for the campaign is directed by our 3 C’s:

  • Connect: Fostering new connections between students

  • Collaborate: Encouraging collaboration between domestic and international students

  • Challenge: Challenge students to push their boundaries and become our future’s leaders.

The solution we have put forth to solve this problem is MFamily.

MFamily (MonashFamily: MyFamily.) is a mentorship program in which 100 first year students, both domestic and international, are grouped together over the semester in small “families” of 5-10 students.

These families will offer the students a chance to learn about one another, as well as creating a safe space for all family members.

The families will be moderated by a parent, who will oversee the group’s interactions to ensure that they remain a fun yet safe space.


One examples of the "challenges" is the Story Wall which would not only allow the participants to share their experiences and connect with others, but can be utilised as promotional material as well!

We propose both an online digital feature and a physical feature on Campus to be released 1 week prior to Open day period and continued throughout the semester to target both first year domestic and international students during enrolment/ change of preference.

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