Work featured in the Monash University
Collaborative Care Curriculum: 
'Interprofessional Communication' module. 


Winner in two categories in the Collaborative Care Multimedia Media Competition, Monash University:

  • Interprofessional Communication  

  • Role Understanding.


Monash University have established the key learning targets of the Collaborative Care
Curriculum and has invited students across the health professions to create a 3-minute video, referencing any aspect of the Collaborative Care Curriculum.
The Collaborative Care Curriculum has been established under 4 themes:

  1. Person centred care

  2. Inter-professional communication

  3. Role understanding

  4. Collaboration within and across teams


Collaborating with other health professionals, rather than just with our own, is key to
providing the best patient care.  In
contrast to traditional methods of learning where students are enclosed in the classroom and are taught passively, a more ideal and engaging way would be to encourage students to acquire first-
hand experience with patients and other healthcare professionals in a real-life clinical setting.

Special Thanks to Central Gippsland Health Services (Sale) for participating in this project.

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